About the Raising Twins Blog


If you have twins, whether they are in utero or starting pre-school, you probably know that what you are experiencing is different than what a singleton parent experiences, even if they have multiple singletons. From pregnancy to college, having two children exactly the same age is very different than two children who are different ages no matter how close they may be. Everything from the logistics of getting them in and out of the house as babies, to the duplicate toys and clothes, is different than a singleton.

So when I need help with raising my kids I access the plethora of amazing books on raising singletons; however, when I need help with the twin part of raising twins, the information is sparse. At those times I’ve felt left completely to my own devices. I’ve sought help and resources from books, teachers specializing in early childhood development, friends with twins and those with singles, as well as our pediatrician. After conquering a challenging stage with my twins, and dissecting our “twinning” problem, I decided to start this blog. My plan is to start a deeper conversation that explores thoughts on raising twins, but also provides instructions for nuts and bolts steps to problem solving for those tough times.

I want to invite other twin moms and dads to share their experiences, solutions and issues in the comments section so we work together to expand on this resource.